Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Genetic Testing Results

And the results are in!

Out of our 13 embryos, 8 of them were tested. The tech said they are excellent embryos (very exciting to hear!) They are all healthy aaaannnnnd....

3 Girls!
5 Boys!

This was such a wonderful day! I felt so light and free when she said they are all healthy, it's such a nice thing to not have to worry about. We know that, barring any complications that could (but will NOT!) occur, the embryos will go in healthy as can be!

I have another appointment next week so most likely won't have any news until then!

- Sausha

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Doctor Visits

Today we both had visits to the doc! Me for an ultrasound and blood work, and my love for a follow up to make sure things are healing nicely. 

Doc said my lining looks good but we won't know the next step for sure until the blood results come in. If my estrogen is high, I will have to go on birth control pills for a while before starting on the estrogen pills, which would push the transfer date out about a week. If my levels are low, then I can start immediately on the regimen and we can do the transfer around the 3rd week of August. Fingers crossed for low levels!

My husband's visit was successful, just a quick look and a green light for resuming his normal activities! 

We decided to do the genetic testing of the embryos that my doctor offers. They take a cell from each embryo and test them for diseases, they can also tell you whether they are female or male. So we should have those results any day now! So very exciting. 

Oh! And we discovered that they froze a total of 13 embryos. Whoohoo!

- Sausha

Friday, July 26, 2013

Conversations With My Husband

These days our conversations have changed from, "Hi honey, how was your day?" to questions like this...

- Sausha :D

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More Results

I guess the doc will call me every other day with updates. So I will be blogging at least every other day to update anybody who reads this. 

Okay so as you may have read in my last post, we ended up with 21 fertilized eggs. Dr. K called to day to tell me that 11 of them had frozen successfully, so far. I think that's excellent! I have read a few other blogs about IVF and it seems the my results aren't typical. I have noticed that a lot of women end up with between 3 and 7 good embryos or so (obviously this isn't ALWAYS the case...) so I feel extremely lucky and am so happy with my wonderful doctor and his team. : D

- Sausha

P.S. I am feeling much better today and even went to work! Scozzi is feeling a lot better too, almost back to normal!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Dr K. called this afternoon to update us. Here are the results:

  • Harvested 26 eggs.
  • 25 of those were healthy. 
  • 21 of those were fertilized, ALL WITH MY HUSBAND'S SPERM!!!!
We couldn't believe it! I actually asked the doc if he was joking. What more could I ask for?? All of my babies will now have their daddy be their biological daddy too! I can't even put in to words how wonderful of a feeling that is. 

So, we were on cloud nine with that news. However, we were on day 2 (and day 3 for my hubby) of recovery and hardly feeling better at all! We have watched 5 movies so far. We. Are. Zombies. 

 - Sausha

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Turn...

What. A. Day.

I don't think I will soon forget this experience. Let's start with the fact that I hadn't had anything to eat or drink for over 12 hours (horrible, psycho Sausha was on the verge of showing her heinous face if she didn't get to eat soon) and I was SO nervous I could hardly sit still in the waiting room. Finally, my name was called and we go in  the back where I am told to change and empty my bladder. Okay, now that that's done we sit in another waiting room for another half hour or so before the nurse comes in to take me away!

And here we go!
I am brought in to this small room (the same one my husband was in yesterday) and am asked to lay down on the bed. The nurse anesthetist was very nice, and made me feel as comfortable as possible while putting in the IV (which actually didn't hurt at all!). She dimmed the lights and said she was going to ease me into things by giving me small doses of sleepy drugs. I started to feel tired, kind of how I feel if I drink alcohol, before the buzz kicks in.  I remember laying there thinking how crazy this is. Sometimes it all becomes "real" to me. We are doing IVF to have a baby. Wow! What an experience.

 I could hear my heart rate going really fast, I asked her about it and she said it doesn't seem like it's anything more than nerves. This goes on for a while and finally she says it's time. She administers the mother of all sleepy drugs and tells me to scoot down the bed and put my legs in the stirrups (real attractive) and I am feeling SOOOO heavy, it's hard to move! Plus, the effin' drug she put in started stinging so bad I could hardly think of anything else! And that's the last thing I remember before waking up.

I think I "woke up" a few times after the surgery, one of which I recall thrashing my legs around and telling them it hurt, because it did, and them telling me not to do that. Haha, I couldn't help it! And finally I was awake and my husband was there with me. The nurse told me she gave me Benadryl to help with the itching, which I didn't notice any of, and then she had my husband give me some water through a straw and crackers. My mouth was so dry, even with drinking the water, that the crackers felt like I was eating sand. But I had to eat them so I could take the pain killer. Half of a Vicodin did the trick. I started feeling good pretty fast. I mean, as best as I can.

We sat there for a while before the let me get up. OUCH!! Holy mother, I was sore. I didn't think I would be this sore, everybody kept telling me that it would be mild cramping. This was not mild cramping, this was something else. So, I waddled my way to the bathroom and changed back into my clothes and then sat in the wheelchair. That was pretty fun, I hadn't been in one before so I was trying it out in the halls while we waited for the doctor to come back and talk to us.

Dr. K. came back about 15 minutes later and told us, are you ready for this? He told us they had harvested 26 eggs!!!! Wowza! No wonder I had been so bloated and sore. He said that is the amount they usually expect to get from a donor! Gooooo body! We were very happy to hear that. Anyway, so with 26 eggs and, now up to seven sperm, he said we definitely needed to get a donor to fertilize the rest of my eggs.

Okay, no problem, we had a donor picked out and the paperwork done. I could just call and tell them we were coming to get it. Uh, no. They were closed. What the heck????? Closed??? I was about to lose it when the doctor said that they had some sperm that other women had donated as they didn't use all of the vials and that we could look through their profiles to see if we liked any of them. We looked with a nurse for several minutes before deciding on one that actually sounded better than the one we had found online. So, the best part? Because the woman had donated it, we didn't have to pay for it. Score! That's $700 saved!

Next, the brought me out to the car in the wheelchair with my other half of a Vicodin and we were off!

For the rest of the day we just lazed around watching movies, as neither of us could move without enduring much pain.

'Til the next time!

- Sausha

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hubby's Big Day

Today was the day! My husband had his biopsy today and we finally found out if he has any swimmers.

I wasn't allowed to go in the operating room with him but I will tell you his story as he told it to me.
So he changed into his hospital gown and funny socks and hair net. We kissed goodbye and off he went!

After they had him all set up on the table they had to give him a local anesthetic (there is the option to "go under" but we declined) straight into the testicle (should I just say balls?) and he said that was really painful but it went numb really fast. From then on he didn't feel anything and was chatting up the doctor and nurses.

The doctor actually takes some of the meat from the testicle and passes it through a little window where a technician searches for live sperm. They weren't having much luck so he kept taking pieces and passing it along, finally they said it was time to close up. As the doc was finishing up the stitches the anesthetic started wearing off, so my husband felt the last few stitches :(

At this point, the doctor came to find me and told me they found a few live sperm! 3 of them so far! I was so happy I teared up! Now, I really wanted to go see my guy!

The doctor led me to his room and my husband was there on the table, curled up with an oxygen mask on and what looked like blood all over the table (turned out to be mostly iodine) I was so shocked! He was in so much pain! :(  I sat by him and talked to him, he was alert and everything, just in a lot of pain. He suddenly got really tense and his hand was all stiff, so I rubbed it and bent his fingers for him which helped. I guess that's not totally unusual, it has a medical name but I can't remember what it's called!

Yes, I am the horrible wife who takes pictures
of him in pain for my blog :/
After about half an hour in the recovery room he was ready to leave. They escorted him to the car in a wheelchair with an ice pack for his manly parts! 

I am sure he'd be thrilled to have this floating around the internet :D

Well, tomorrow is my big day!

- Sausha

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Latest From the Doctor

I had yet another appointment this morning to check on my grown eggs. They are doing quite well but still aren't as big as the doctor would like so we are going to do one more night of injections and then do the trigger shot tomorrow. My retrieval is scheduled for Saturday at 9am! I am definitely ready for this to happen, I am so full and bloated all the time. And it hurts (not horribly) to walk and even to adjust in bed!

The only downside of another night of injections? Well, aside from the actual shots themselves, is we have to buy MORE drugs. We ran out about 3 days ago and have had to go the pharmacy everyday to get more. We could have bought several day's worth but in the event that we wouldn't need the medications and in hopes of saving money, we are doing the daily purchasing. So we now have all of our savings, all of the loan and now, credit cards, invested in this IVF cycle! I must say, this baby better be AWESOME! Haha, I am only kidding, it will all be worth it in the end but it's stressful during the whole process!

My husband's procedure is scheduled for Friday. He is definitely getting nervous. The worst part is that he could go through all of this and still not have any sperm in there! I would hate, hate, hate for him to be in pain for nothing! Well, I know it wouldn't really be for nothing. We would at least know there wasn't a chance with his little guys. We do have a donor back up ready, not purchased yet, but picked out and all the paperwork is done.

The worst news of the day? My progesterone level is elevated. This means that we have to wait until my next cycle to do the embryo transfer :((((  While this is sad and definitely obnoxious, Dr. K. says that we will have a 50% better chance of implantation if we wait and do a frozen cycle. So, that's a percentage worth waiting for!

I will post again after my husband's procedure!

- Sausha

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Okay, it may be that I am so uncomfortable with all of these eggs pushing on me, or the fact that I am getting poked with 3 needles a night or maybe it's the fact that it's a jillion degrees and my mom banned the air conditioning due to an $800 bill, but I am so grumpy! And I am ALWAYS sooooo tired! I think the exhaustion is from the Doxycycline because my husband is constantly wiped out too and that's the only thing we are both taking.

Oh, and for some reason the nurses have been having a hard time finding my veins for the blood draw so I have been poked way too many times and am bruising on my arm....hopefully nobody at work comes to any strange conclusions about that! Hah! This last time the nurse (one I haven't met with before) poked me, then wiggled the needle around inside trying to find a vein. She didn't find one so she tried a different spot with no better luck. So she wanted to try the other arm. Nope. Nothing. Okay, let's go back to the other arm and use the vein all the way to the right. OUCH!!! I wanted to punch her it hurt so bad. Raaaaaawwwwwwrrrrr!!! Watch out for the vicious Sausha on the loose }:(

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Egg Count

I have been to the doctor a few times now, once we started the medications I have to go in every other day to get an ultrasound and draw blood to make sure things are progressing properly. The first 2 times the doctor couldn't really tell how many eggs I had but we found out today! I have 19 eggs growing inside me!!! That's quite a bit! And I can really tell, I feel bloated and sometimes when I bend sideways it's a little sore. I am so happy there are a bunch of eggs, I hope they are all healthy!

The image below is not of me, I didn't think to take a picture but this is basically what they look like!

We think that I am about 6 days away from the egg retrieval. I am really nervous about being "out". I haven't ever had a surgery so I don't know what to expect at all. I am having a hard time falling asleep at night because I am so anxious about it. :/

- Sausha

Friday, July 5, 2013

Whoa Mama! Now THAT'S a Lot of Meds!

Wow. Today we went to pick up my medications for this whole cycle and boy was I surprised at how much there was. We had 4 boxes of Gonal F, 4 boxes of Cetritide, 1 Microdose HCG, 3 packs of Minivelle, 2 bottles of Progesterone and about a zillion needles and alcohol pads. Oh and 1 thing of Doxycycline. 

To the best of my knowledge, the Gonal F and HCG shots stimulate egg growth, while Cetritide keeps you from ovulating prematurely. I haven't had to use the Minivelle or Progesterone yet so I don't know what they are for. The needles and alcohol pads are self explanatory and the Doxcycline is an antibiotic my husband and I are both taking to prevent anything that may be lurking in our bodies from transferring during the ICSI procedure. 

ICSI is when they take a sperm and manually insert it into an egg. This is different from when a man has sperm and the doctors put a few swimmers and an egg in a dish and wait for them to fertilize. ICSI is generally done in the severest cases of male infertility. :/

Administering the medications sucks! The Gonal F pen is the easiest, you just turn the dial to the correct dose, screw on the needle, stick it in your belly (off to the side of the belly button) and push! 

Gonal F pen and needle
 The HCG isn't really hard, you just stick the needle in the top of the jar and pull out the correct CCs and repeat the sticking in the belly. I act like it's not that hard but I couldn't poke myself. I had my husband do it while I looked away and hyperventilated! Haha! In the end the pain isn't that bad though. Oh, don't forget to use the alcohol pad to clean the area first!

Microdose HCG

Oh! I forgot to mention the "best" part! All of this set us back exactly $2,091! Ouch. However, I have one super amazing, world changing, heart-lifting tip: apply for the Compassionate Care Program, it's a program that, if you're approved, you can save up to 75% off your fertility meds. I only qualified for 50%, so without this program I would have had to shell out over $4,000! I am so grateful I qualified! There is also the option of ordering abroad with, they are also discounted. 

Well, that's it for now!

- Sausha