Hubby's Big Day

Today was the day! My husband had his biopsy today and we finally found out if he has any swimmers.

I wasn't allowed to go in the operating room with him but I will tell you his story as he told it to me.
So he changed into his hospital gown and funny socks and hair net. We kissed goodbye and off he went!

After they had him all set up on the table they had to give him a local anesthetic (there is the option to "go under" but we declined) straight into the testicle (should I just say balls?) and he said that was really painful but it went numb really fast. From then on he didn't feel anything and was chatting up the doctor and nurses.

The doctor actually takes some of the meat from the testicle and passes it through a little window where a technician searches for live sperm. They weren't having much luck so he kept taking pieces and passing it along, finally they said it was time to close up. As the doc was finishing up the stitches the anesthetic started wearing off, so my husband felt the last few stitches :(

At this point, the doctor came to find me and told me they found a few live sperm! 3 of them so far! I was so happy I teared up! Now, I really wanted to go see my guy!

The doctor led me to his room and my husband was there on the table, curled up with an oxygen mask on and what looked like blood all over the table (turned out to be mostly iodine) I was so shocked! He was in so much pain! :(  I sat by him and talked to him, he was alert and everything, just in a lot of pain. He suddenly got really tense and his hand was all stiff, so I rubbed it and bent his fingers for him which helped. I guess that's not totally unusual, it has a medical name but I can't remember what it's called!

Yes, I am the horrible wife who takes pictures
of him in pain for my blog :/
After about half an hour in the recovery room he was ready to leave. They escorted him to the car in a wheelchair with an ice pack for his manly parts! 

I am sure he'd be thrilled to have this floating around the internet :D

Well, tomorrow is my big day!

- Sausha


  1. I love you guys!!! I'm here crying and laughing hysterically!!! <3


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