Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Well, well, well....

I'm so sad that I don't keep this blog up to date. Savannah was 10 months old the last time I wrote and she is now TWO!!! Holy hell.

Well, she is doing great! Running full speed everywhere. One day she saw Dory on TV and had sooooo much to say about it (she had never even seen Finding Nemo). Later we were at Target and she saw a whole Dory display and lost her mind again!
We bought Finding Nemo and then took her to see Finding Dory a few days later. I can't believe it but she sat through the whole movie! She loves fish in general so maybe that's what inspired her love for Dory.

So, she had a Finding Dory themed birthday party, which she absolutely loved!

This little girl is so spoiled by her grandparents! She got so many wonderful gifts but her favorite was her baby doll. She does everything with that thing! Feeds her, changes her diaper, puts her in the car. It's the cutest thing ever.

She started Preschool in June. We had a few rough days in the beginning but now she is so excited to get there and play with her friends and is absolutely in love with her teacher. I couldn't be happier!

Big News!

I'm pregnant! With a boy! We did another round of IVF in April and here I am 25 weeks into the pregnancy. It's been a tough go physically and mentally but he is doing great, I'm getting regular doctor visits to keep on top of everything and make sure nothing strange is going on. In 7 weeks (right around the time of Savannah's birth and the loss of her sister) the doc is going to start seeing me twice a week. I am very relieved that he is taking my situation seriously and doesn't make me feel weird for wanting extra visits or any silly concerns. I love my doctor!

Little boy is due December 19th and I have a c-section scheduled for that date because my doctor doesn't want me going overdue at all. I am, however, hoping for a VBAC which he is okay with as long as nothing comes up that requires emergency c-section or that I don't go overdue because he also won't induce me since I had a c-section previously.

My hopes are the I go into labor somewhere between December 1 and December 14 so that I can have a VBAC, be fully healed and do a Christmas photoshoot with the little guy before Christmas! But, I will take him when I get him, however he decides to arrive as long as he's alive and healthy (and me too!).

It did take several months for me to bond during this pregnancy. I think it was due to nerves...but I am hooked now! I cannot wait to meet him and see how Savannah is with him.

I am going to put a reminder in my phone to do more updates here because 14 months is just too long!

♥ Sausha

Monday, July 6, 2015

10 Months

Well, time flies!!!

Savannah is now 10 months old! I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. I remember as a child that time was so slow, 1 year felt like forever and now, 1 year has almost passed since Savannah was born and it feels like it's only been 4 months. Slow down!!!

Happy 10 months!

I can't get enough of this little beast, she's so wonderful. She is my very best friend in the whole world.

Look at that smile!!

let's see...she's not yet crawling but is sooo close. She's been standing (assisted) for about 6 months now and walks around the furniture a bit and really cruises in her walker! She babbles non-stop and it's the cutest thing! She recently learned to point at things and goes, "ooooh! ooooh!" and that is the cutest thing ever! Basically, everything she does is the cutest.

She actually held still for a face painting at a party!

I have been so lucky to be able to breastfeed her from the beginning without any issues. It wasn't hard, she latched easily and my nipples didn't crack or anything! She does acrobats when she nurses now and just expects my nipples to stretch along with her. OUCH!!! Now, at 10 months my left nipple is pretty sore most of the time, I think I'm going to start weaning her and be totally done nursing by her birthday. I started her on solids around 5 months old but she wasn't super interested until about 7 months. At 8-9 months old she got REALLY into food! She gobbles down any baby food I give her (unless it has meat) and now she wants table foods. I give her small pieces of chicken, mashed potato, fruits (she loves strawberries), noodles, etc. Basically, if it's small and soft and not too salty I will give her little bits. She doesn't have any teeth yet but she mashes with her gums like a champ.

First time feeding herself. Mashed potatoes!

I have finally gotten her to fall asleep on her own. I have been rocking/nursing/cuddling her to sleep since we brought her home from the NICU and I recently decided I needed to stop and let her learn to sleep on her own. I established a routine of bringing her in the nursery, turning the lights out or dim them, turn on her music, rock her for about 2 minutes then I'd tell her goodnight and put her in her crib. The first two days I laid next to her crib and put my hand in there for her to hold. She cried on and off for about 15 minutes before she fell asleep. Then the next few days I said goodnight and put her in the crib and sat in the rocking chair (and never looked at her or said anything to her). She cried about 6 minutes one day and the next day didn't cry at all! Now, I can tell her goodnight and set her in her crib and then I leave the room immediately. She usually gives a few cries to entice me back but as long as she isn't screaming her head off, I never picked her back up or said anything to her. It's so much easier now! She does this for naps and night time.

Savannah loves the water! Bath times, swimming, touching the running water from the faucet...anything to do with water!

I find that my social calendar is filling up so fast now that I'm a mother. Baby showers here, birthday parties there, zoo trips, beach trips, family reunions, etc. I recently got this awesome organizer to help me keep track of things. I also have a dry erase board calendar that goes by the desk so we can all see it! So helpful.

This agenda is awesome

I have several friends who are now pregnant and it's giving me mad baby fever! We will probably do another transfer within a year...

❤️ Sausha

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The last 5 months

Hello! Life goes on and it's a beautiful one!

Things have been so crazy the last 5 months raising this baby girl. Savannah is so sweet and hilarious, I can't imagine not having her around.

I am so lucky and so happy to be able to say that I am living my life long dream of being a full-time stay at home mom and I am grateful everyday for having such a wonderful husband that wants this dream for me too.

Savannah is 5 months old tomorrow. She loves to stand and can almost sit up on her own now. She has been a little behind the average baby with her hands, she is only now learning to grab things but holy moly is it amazing. It never gets old to see her learn new things and to be able to gain more control over her body. I am stunned everyday by her beauty and I have no idea how I made her!

My mother-in-law has been here from Italy since Savannah was 2 1/2 months old and has been a big help and a joy to have around. You know how crazy loud Italians can be...Savannah loves it! hahaha!

I am so happy to see the people in the blogs I follow all doing so well! Congrats on your babies and soon to arrive bundles of joy!

I am going to try to get back in the habit of writing in this blog...sooooo talk to you soon!!

My Harry Potter baby. 

Our 5 Generation Photo

Beach Bums

- Sausha

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I don't know what to title this post...

I have been absent for two months now. A lot has happened.

The good news first: I have a beautiful daughter named Savannah. She was born August 26 at 6:25pm. She is the most beautiful little thing I've ever seen!

On August 25 I went in for my regular NST and the nurse was having a hard time separating out the girls heartbeats, I told her that had never happened before and she probably wasn't getting A's because she always difficult to find, but she insisted it was normal for twins to have very similar heart rates. After being there for over an hour and having the beats be the exact same she said she thought it looked okay but would have the doctor look at the graph to make sure he saw what he needed in A's heart rate changes. When my doctor came he said that the monitors were picking up the same heart beat and that he would do an ultrasound to see where baby A was so they could correctly place the monitor and start again. When he did the ultrasound he could not see A's heartbeat on the machine. After continuing to look for a few minutes he called two other doctors who were more educated on the machine for second opinions. Both doctors saw the same thing. We don't know why or how but our twin A had passed away. We had just seen both the girls on the ultrasound the previous Thursday and they were both perfect.

Since our twins were in separate sacks and didn't share a placenta the doctor said I could still carry twin b for as long as I wanted without risk to her, or I could deliver her early. The choice was mine.
I didn't have to think about it at all, I did not want to be pregnant and longer knowing what I had just found out. So my c-section was scheduled for the next day.

August 26th was both the happiest and saddest day of my life. I delivered my girls via c-section at 33 weeks and 2 days gestation. If I had thought about it at all I would have requested to go under for the surgery rather than stay awake. First of all it was actually a lot more painful than I was led to believe. I also had a panic attack during the surgery and was lucky my husband is amazing and got me to calm down. I fell asleep after he talked me out of it, but I do remember still hearing what was happening. At one one point the Anesthetist kept telling me to wake up. Apparently when I went to sleep my breathing slowed down too much, so they had to keep waking me up. There was a lot of buzz in the room while they were working but it all went silent when they pulled twin A out, that's how I knew she was out. We decided not to see her body but requested pictures to be taken of her so that we could see her when we decided we could handle it. I still haven't looked. A minute later twin B came out and I heard a tiny little cry, more like an unhappy grunt, and they tried to show her to me over the curtain but all I could see was a tiny foot. After a time they brought Savannah back over to me and put her head next to mine so I could kiss her and then they whisked her to the NICU. I was pretty out of it at this point but I do remember how warm her cheek was next to my lips.

The hospital gave us a "memory box" of the pictures and other mementos of twin A for us to take home, which I assume includes her birth info but I haven't been able to open it yet. So I only know her birth date.

Twin A - Scarlett Addison
August 26th, 2014

Twin B - Savannah Belle
August 26th, 2014
4lbs 1oz.
16 1/4 inches long

Savannah spent 18 days in the NICU and was a rockstar. She tackled everything and improved so quickly. The only "problems" she had were jaundice and choking on her food and forgetting to resume breathing afterward. She was under the Bili lights for 2 days and never had to go back. Thank God! It was really sad to see her under them.

Once they started her on bottle feeding she really took off! The nurses and doctors said they had never seen a baby do so well so fast. The first time she ate without a feeding tube she downed the whole bottle in 10 minutes. They standardly give each baby a half hour to eat as much as they can and normally they babies use that full time and only eat a portion of the food. I was quite proud of my little piglet.

She has been home 11 days now and has been doing great. She gained weight and is nearly 5lbs now! I love her very much and am so happy to have her around.

I still think about Scarlett everyday. It's a strange feeling to miss someone you've never met, but I really do miss her and I probably always will.

I am thankful to have Savannah around and I will love her until the end of time!

I may or may not continue blogging, but I will be checking in on my blogger friends to see how they're doing. I'll leave you with some photos.

- Sausha

Our first kiss
Daddy got to see her before me since I had to wait 24 hours
after the surgery.
She was 1 day old and already smiling!
Coming home day! She looks like a little monkey here. :)

This was after her first doctor visit. All tuckered out.

My little Princess

She wiggles so much.

Friday, August 1, 2014

"Un-Official" National Twins Day!

Someone on a multiples group I'm part of posted that it was National Twins Day so of course I had to Google it. It seems it's actually just a festival in Ohio that they do every year for twins, but I like the idea so I'm going to roll with it!

Happy National Twins Day!!! :D

The best part of today is that I can now officially say that my twins are due NEXT MONTH!!! Holy crap. It has gone by so fast and to be able to say that is both nerve wracking and beyond exciting!!

I still have a lot to do to get the house ready and decisions to make, such as will I try a natural birth if they are cooperative? Just go with a c-section? We still don't have a middle name for one of the girls. We know we want it to start with 'A'. Any suggestions?? :)

Ohhh, I still have to pack my hospital bags. I've started it but I just don't know what the heck to bring. And suggestions on this subject will be super appreciated!

I would also like to say that I have been so happy with the blog posts from the people I follow, pregnancies everywhere!! Thank God for fertility doctors, we all get to live our dream of being mothers because of them!! Congrats everybody!!!

- Sausha

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm Alive! 29 Weeks

Well, to cut to the chase, I did NOT get admitted to the hospital and the babies are still cooking! Yay!

We went back for our follow up appointment on the Monday after the big ordeal and things were definitely looking up. I was on the machine for about 30 minutes this time and had only a few, very minor contractions. It was pretty uneventful actually. Doc just said to keep on bedrest and continue with the medications until our next appointment in a week. I did just that!

So, now last Wednesday we had a growth scan, cervical length check and glucose test!

28w3d Growth Scan - OMG! These girls are just to DIE for!! I am soo excited to meet them it's all I can do to not secretly hope they arrive early. Baby B had flipped so she is now head down, which I had suspected because I seemed to be carrying them much lower and could breathe a lot better! During the scan we got to see her practice her breathing!!!! Such an adorable thing to witness...her little diaphragm moving up and cute.

Baby B was measuring 28w5d and 2lbs 8oz! I'm so proud of her. She's the one whose cord is attached at the side of the placenta and there was a slight worry in the beginning that she may have issues getting enough nutrition but she has really proved us wrong!

Baby A is still head down as she has been all along and continues to try and hide during every ultrasound! The ultrasound tech had to lay me flat on my back for a few minutes while she tried to get a better visual of her head. It worked! And she still has a huge head, measuring 30 weeks! Hahaha!!!

We got to see that she has hair! It was waving in the amniotic fluid. Who knows it she'll actually keep it once she comes out but it was adorable to see.

Baby A measured 29w3d and weighs approximately 2lbs 11oz.

The best thing about this scan was that they were both giving us great profile shots and the tech switched to 3D imaging. Ho-ly crap! it's so amazing!! I had never really been into the 3D images, I felt it was overkill and didn't really understand why someone would do it. But the tech didn't ask us, she just switched over and it was amazing. My babies are the cutest babies ever! One of the girls (A) was squished a bit cause she is so far down in my pelvis so she kinda looks like Sylvester Stallone in her picture, but she is still amazingly cute!

After our awesome scan she checked my cervix which grew slightly! So after meeting with my doctor he determined that I should keep doing what I've been doing, I don't need to take the meds unless I feel the contractions coming back (I have since started them again :/  ) and we will see how things are going next week.

Glucose - I passed!! It was quite a relief because that's the last thing I want to have to worry about with all the other stuff going on. They did see that my hemoglobin levels were at 11.7 and they should be at 12 or above so he has me taking an over the counter iron supplement every other day. Easy peasy.

So here are a few photos to end this post with! I'll do my best to keep a better log of things. :)

- Sausha

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Good, The Bad, The Bedrest

The Good: Well, really the only good thing to come from this week is that the babies are still healthy! And I can now tell you with certaintity that I know what belly tightening feels like.

The Bad: I went in for my regular checkup yesterday (26w4d) and my usually long and strong cervix had shortened by half in just two weeks. They didn't tell me the exact measurements this time but when I looked on the screen it really looked like it's at 1.4 but if I shortened by half, it would be about a 2. 

They put me on the monitor for an NST for about an hour and I had several contractions. The problem is, that I just thought I was having Braxton Hicks. My belly had been getting hard and with that was like a tiny bit of pressure, not a lot, and it didn't hurt so I wasn't too concerned. Though, on the Fourth of July I did have quite a few and thought about going in but I thought I was just being dramatic so nixed the idea :(

The Bedrest: So, I am on medication to slow/stop the contractions and they gave me a shot of betamehasone, a steroid to help develop the fetus' lungs in case of early delivery. I have to go back to the office this afternoon for a second shot and then remain on Bedrest until Monday, at which point we will do another NST and cervical length check to see how things are going. If things have gotten worse, I will be admitted to the hospital and put on a magnesium drip and stay there until the babies are born. Needless to say, I really really do. not want him to the hospital. Your prayers and well wishes are very much appreciated at this time! 

Mentally, I am doing pretty good. It's hard to not feel like maybe there was something I could have done to prevent it or if I had come in earlier it wouldn't be such a big deal. But, that won't get me anywhere good so I try not to think about it that way and just focus on the things I can do now to try to keep it at bay. My whole goal is to get these girls to stay in as long as possible and deliver them healthy and safely and of course I come out of it all safely and healthy too!

Oh, and did I mention that my baby shower is tomorrow? Ugh, bedrest just in time for the baby shower… Dammit!

- Sausha