Monday, June 23, 2014

Questions for Doc

I have been keeping a log of questions to ask the doctor at each visit and I had the brilliant idea to share them and their answers here. I don't know why I wasn't doing this all along...derp! Okay, so here are all of the question I have asked so far. These are my interpretations of what my doctor said, do not take them as fact or in lieu of asking your own doctor!

1. Why is it that sometimes my belly is hard and other times it's softer?
This was asked very early on, maybe around 12 or 14 weeks. His answer was just that they are still so small that when they shift around my body will change. Also he did tell me that if it happens a lot throughout the day and is accompanied by a tightening of the stomach, to keep an eye on it as that can happen as a sign of early labor also. I'm still not clear on what people mean by "tightening" of the stomach. I hear that it happens when you're in labor but it doesn't seem like an easy think to diagnose when your belly is already rock hard from growing babies. I will let you know once I've experienced it!

2. The age old question about the hazard of laying on my back.
He explained the different veins that are in the back and how when you lay on your back some of them get constricted and has LESS blood flow, it's not like it stops blood flow to your body. He said that early on it won't matter that much but as I continue to grow it will become more and more uncomfortable and I likely won't even want to lie on my back. Basically it doesn't seem as scary as I've heard on other boards.

3. Can I lay on my stomach?

I kept waking up finding myself on my stomach pretty early on and I was concerned about squishing the babies.

Doc says not to worry about it. They are protected with plenty of layers and fluids, lay however I want to get comfortable.

4. There was a period of about a week where I was getting horrible, awful headaches. I asked him if this was normal.

He says yes. It's all the hormone changes in your body, it can take it's toll. He recommended drinking more water and even more if I do any kind of exercise.   I also went to see a Chiro for this which helped so much and I have only had one or two really bad headaches since the beginning of the pregnancy!

5. Why are my hips so achy when I sleep?

Again, things are moving and changing to make room for the babies and he said it's totally normal. He thinks that the body starts presenting with uncomfortable aches and pains to prepare you for not being able to sleep when the babies are born! haha :)

6.  Are lemons okay to eat?

He says yes. I have eaten so many in this pregnancy and have not had anything weird happen.

7. In case I deliver early, should I go to Huntington (my hospital) which is about 45 minutes away or go to the nearest hospital?

He was very happy I asked this question. He said that the important thing would be to get to my hospital simply because it's the closest one around that is equipped with a top of the line NICU that can actually handle babies born 24 weeks and later. He said that if we went elsewhere the babies would just be air-lifted to Huntington anyway. Obviously this wouldn't apply if I was dying or something, but if I went into a normal but early labor, head to my hospital. I then asked what I should do if it's fast and the babies are coming out before I can get to the hospital. He said to rub their back and try to get them breathing and immediately do skin to skin also covered with a blanket and just get the eff to the hospital. If I remember correctly he said not to clamp or cut the cord if that happened. It was a scary conversation but a very important one.

8. My brother, and later verified by hubby, informed me that I have bad breath. Awesome. Since it's never been a problem I've had before, I asked the doc.

While talking to him I brought up that I also have a small amount of blood in my spit after I vomit (which is almost never now) and have since as far back as I can remember. Taking both things into account he said he would like me to see an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. I haven't done that yet though. I had an appt but when I showed up the said, "oops...we actually do NOT take your insurance...". Dummies.

9. At my last appt it was discovered that I had lost 2lbs since last visit and I wanted to make sure that was okay.

He said, based on the weight I started the pregnancy, I should only expect to gain 15lbs or so the whole pregnancy and that he wasn't worried in the slightest. He kindly said, "You have plenty of nutrition to give them". Hahaha!

And there you have it! Those are the questions I've asked so far (at least that I had written down!) I will update with each appt's new questions :)

- Sausha

P.S. As a side note - EW!  Lol

Thursday, June 19, 2014

23 Weeks

Well, my doctor appointment was brief but great. The girls look good, we got to hear their heartbeats again, I don't think we've heard them since seeing this new doc! We didn't get to find out their estimated weights at this appt but should next week! They are growing so fast now! So I guess it's been about 4 weeks since their last weigh in so they are probably well over a pound now. Last time A was 15oz. and B was 12oz. Holy smokes!

I am seriously in love with feeling these girls moving around. I mean, it's just the coolest thing to ever happen!!! As my sister put it, it's magical. Truly. Last night were the best kicks yet - I was laying in bed and they started going crazy! I think they were kicking each other. I had to wake up my husband so he could feel. I can't say enough how happy it makes me when they wiggle around. :D After all that wiggling I got the worst round ligament pains! I woke up in the middle of the night thinking something was wrong. I almost woke my husband up cause I could hardly move, but then I realized what the pain was and it went away in a minute or so. I hate ligament pain!

I'm having a problem with wanting to go out and see my friends. Most of them do not have kids and like to start their hang outs at 7pm and I just can't do it. There are days where I have the energy for sure but I just really don't want to drag my butt out of the house and drive 35 minutes to only stay for an hour or so. Plus, sitting is just plain hard for me now. I can't get comfortable easily and when I do, it's only comfortable for about 10 minutes and then I have to move again! Sigh. Hopefully they can understand.

Anyhoo, there's my brief update! :)

- Sausha

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

22 Weeks

Hey y'all!!

Well, things have been going great! I currently 22w3d in and so far it's been pretty smooth. My main "complaint" is that with my growing belly, movement is much more difficult. Sometimes I will sit down too fast and squish the belly or squatting to get laundry out of the washer really squishes it! But I'm getting used to it and learning to modify my moves.

 Since my last post I have started feeling movement fairly consistent and on Sunday their kicks were SO strong! We were able to feel them on the outside of my belly <3

We got this pack "In the Womb" dvds by National Geographic and in one scene they showed the husband pressing his ear to the mother's belly and said that you can hear the baby's heartbeat that way (after a certain amount of weeks, I don't remember how many) so we tried that and it works!! At first my husband said it was really faint but about a week, maybe 2 later, it was really obvious. I'm a little jealous that he can hear them and I can't! But I get to carry them and feel all their movements so I guess it's only fair that he has something I don't. :)

We are getting really excited, it's really only a few months away now! We finished the nursery and it's just such a peaceful room to be in. All of our animals love to hang out in there!

We also went to Utah for a small baby shower with my family and we got SPOILED!! We got both infant car seats, a double stroller, so many adorable outfits, blankets, bath stuff (my grandma got us the cutest bathtub, it has a little whirlpool "jet" in it! haha). It was such a blast, though I wasn't prepared for how much walking around and visiting there would be! I was way pooped by the end of the day.

This past week I finally did some things for myself that I've been neglecting. I painted my nails (hubby did my toes!) and plucked my eyebrows and shaved my legs! Whoo!! I'm a woman again! Working from home I pretty much stay in my pajamas all day long and I began feeling a little bad for my husband. Haha! We went on a date Saturday to the Long Beach Aquarium, it was really nice! I hadn't been there since I was on a field trip in high school. The weather was perfect!

Our next doc appointment is on Friday afternoon so I will do my best to update in the next few days instead of weeks!

Oh! Advice needed: I need new bras so bad! Should I get nursing bras now? Should I just stick with a regular bra? Basically, I want something comfy, with great support cause these puppies are out of control huge now. :/ And I don't want to spend a fortune, especially if I'm going to have to buy more later....