Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm Alive! 29 Weeks

Well, to cut to the chase, I did NOT get admitted to the hospital and the babies are still cooking! Yay!

We went back for our follow up appointment on the Monday after the big ordeal and things were definitely looking up. I was on the machine for about 30 minutes this time and had only a few, very minor contractions. It was pretty uneventful actually. Doc just said to keep on bedrest and continue with the medications until our next appointment in a week. I did just that!

So, now last Wednesday we had a growth scan, cervical length check and glucose test!

28w3d Growth Scan - OMG! These girls are just to DIE for!! I am soo excited to meet them it's all I can do to not secretly hope they arrive early. Baby B had flipped so she is now head down, which I had suspected because I seemed to be carrying them much lower and could breathe a lot better! During the scan we got to see her practice her breathing!!!! Such an adorable thing to witness...her little diaphragm moving up and cute.

Baby B was measuring 28w5d and 2lbs 8oz! I'm so proud of her. She's the one whose cord is attached at the side of the placenta and there was a slight worry in the beginning that she may have issues getting enough nutrition but she has really proved us wrong!

Baby A is still head down as she has been all along and continues to try and hide during every ultrasound! The ultrasound tech had to lay me flat on my back for a few minutes while she tried to get a better visual of her head. It worked! And she still has a huge head, measuring 30 weeks! Hahaha!!!

We got to see that she has hair! It was waving in the amniotic fluid. Who knows it she'll actually keep it once she comes out but it was adorable to see.

Baby A measured 29w3d and weighs approximately 2lbs 11oz.

The best thing about this scan was that they were both giving us great profile shots and the tech switched to 3D imaging. Ho-ly crap! it's so amazing!! I had never really been into the 3D images, I felt it was overkill and didn't really understand why someone would do it. But the tech didn't ask us, she just switched over and it was amazing. My babies are the cutest babies ever! One of the girls (A) was squished a bit cause she is so far down in my pelvis so she kinda looks like Sylvester Stallone in her picture, but she is still amazingly cute!

After our awesome scan she checked my cervix which grew slightly! So after meeting with my doctor he determined that I should keep doing what I've been doing, I don't need to take the meds unless I feel the contractions coming back (I have since started them again :/  ) and we will see how things are going next week.

Glucose - I passed!! It was quite a relief because that's the last thing I want to have to worry about with all the other stuff going on. They did see that my hemoglobin levels were at 11.7 and they should be at 12 or above so he has me taking an over the counter iron supplement every other day. Easy peasy.

So here are a few photos to end this post with! I'll do my best to keep a better log of things. :)

- Sausha

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Good, The Bad, The Bedrest

The Good: Well, really the only good thing to come from this week is that the babies are still healthy! And I can now tell you with certaintity that I know what belly tightening feels like.

The Bad: I went in for my regular checkup yesterday (26w4d) and my usually long and strong cervix had shortened by half in just two weeks. They didn't tell me the exact measurements this time but when I looked on the screen it really looked like it's at 1.4 but if I shortened by half, it would be about a 2. 

They put me on the monitor for an NST for about an hour and I had several contractions. The problem is, that I just thought I was having Braxton Hicks. My belly had been getting hard and with that was like a tiny bit of pressure, not a lot, and it didn't hurt so I wasn't too concerned. Though, on the Fourth of July I did have quite a few and thought about going in but I thought I was just being dramatic so nixed the idea :(

The Bedrest: So, I am on medication to slow/stop the contractions and they gave me a shot of betamehasone, a steroid to help develop the fetus' lungs in case of early delivery. I have to go back to the office this afternoon for a second shot and then remain on Bedrest until Monday, at which point we will do another NST and cervical length check to see how things are going. If things have gotten worse, I will be admitted to the hospital and put on a magnesium drip and stay there until the babies are born. Needless to say, I really really do. not want him to the hospital. Your prayers and well wishes are very much appreciated at this time! 

Mentally, I am doing pretty good. It's hard to not feel like maybe there was something I could have done to prevent it or if I had come in earlier it wouldn't be such a big deal. But, that won't get me anywhere good so I try not to think about it that way and just focus on the things I can do now to try to keep it at bay. My whole goal is to get these girls to stay in as long as possible and deliver them healthy and safely and of course I come out of it all safely and healthy too!

Oh, and did I mention that my baby shower is tomorrow? Ugh, bedrest just in time for the baby shower… Dammit!

- Sausha