Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Moving On!!

AF arrived!! Yay! 

I started on Sunday and had my ultrasound appointment today. All was good, no cysts, the doc said my lining was thinning beautifully and my estrogen level was nice and low at 36. So, today I begin my Estrace pills and the transfer is scheduled for January 24th! I cannot wait!!!!!

This made me giggle! Hahaha!

- Sausha

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The wait is killing me!!

Ugggghhhhh! My period was due on Monday, that's four days ago! Really??? Waiting is difficult enough but I was supposed to go out of town to meet my baby nephew for the first time today but I had to push it back (for the second time!!) because my stupid period hasn't arrived. Blast this unfairness!!! We are going to call an office in her state to see if they can do my ultrasound and bloodwork when I do start so we can at least have a few days there. Keep your fingies crossed for us! 

- Sausha

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm Still Here...

I suppose it's time for a new post! I haven't a whole lot to say...I am just going nuts waiting for my next cycle! It consumes my every thought. It's coming right up though. Our next transfer will be mid January (don't have the specific dates yet, waiting for AF to arrive before the first visit).

I got insurance that, unfortunately, does NOT cover infertility treatments but does cover every aspect once I am pregnant. Honestly, I've already dropped so much money into this cycle that another $2500 for the next FET is no big deal. I am just happy the insurance will cover everything else!

The 30 Best Someecards for Infertility + IVF

I know exactly what I want this time around and have created a wish list of how things are going to go with this next transfer/pregnancy. I love making lists. :D

I had been wrestling with the question of whether or not to keep my friends updated this time around. It was really hard last time telling them I miscarried and also the 20 questions from everybody that knew we are doing IVF got exhausting, mainly near the end when we weren't sure if I was going to miscarry or not. :/

The hubby and I finally decided that we are just going to keep the family in the loop for now and will tell everybody else a few months into the next pregnancy. This means I'm going to have to tell white lies to those who are asking me when we are going to start the next cycle...but, if it means being less stressed out, it'll be worth it and I'm sure they will understand! I will definitely be updating my blog throughout this next round. I don't think many, if any really follow this blog all that closely, but in case there are any friends I know in real life reading this who I have not told we are starting again in January, please don't spread the word just yet and don't be offended  :)  I love you!

- Sausha