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I had yet another appointment this morning to check on my grown eggs. They are doing quite well but still aren't as big as the doctor would like so we are going to do one more night of injections and then do the trigger shot tomorrow. My retrieval is scheduled for Saturday at 9am! I am definitely ready for this to happen, I am so full and bloated all the time. And it hurts (not horribly) to walk and even to adjust in bed!

The only downside of another night of injections? Well, aside from the actual shots themselves, is we have to buy MORE drugs. We ran out about 3 days ago and have had to go the pharmacy everyday to get more. We could have bought several day's worth but in the event that we wouldn't need the medications and in hopes of saving money, we are doing the daily purchasing. So we now have all of our savings, all of the loan and now, credit cards, invested in this IVF cycle! I must say, this baby better be AWESOME! Haha, I am only kidding, it will all be worth it in the end but it's stressful during the whole process!

My husband's procedure is scheduled for Friday. He is definitely getting nervous. The worst part is that he could go through all of this and still not have any sperm in there! I would hate, hate, hate for him to be in pain for nothing! Well, I know it wouldn't really be for nothing. We would at least know there wasn't a chance with his little guys. We do have a donor back up ready, not purchased yet, but picked out and all the paperwork is done.

The worst news of the day? My progesterone level is elevated. This means that we have to wait until my next cycle to do the embryo transfer :((((  While this is sad and definitely obnoxious, Dr. K. says that we will have a 50% better chance of implantation if we wait and do a frozen cycle. So, that's a percentage worth waiting for!

I will post again after my husband's procedure!

- Sausha


  1. i'm glad i'm not the only one that feels super bloated and tender in my ovaries. I'm on Day 4 and have 12 follies so far!

  2. Whoohoo! How exciting! Do you have a transfer date yet?


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