Well, well, well....

I'm so sad that I don't keep this blog up to date. Savannah was 10 months old the last time I wrote and she is now TWO!!! Holy hell.

Well, she is doing great! Running full speed everywhere. One day she saw Dory on TV and had sooooo much to say about it (she had never even seen Finding Nemo). Later we were at Target and she saw a whole Dory display and lost her mind again!
We bought Finding Nemo and then took her to see Finding Dory a few days later. I can't believe it but she sat through the whole movie! She loves fish in general so maybe that's what inspired her love for Dory.

So, she had a Finding Dory themed birthday party, which she absolutely loved!

This little girl is so spoiled by her grandparents! She got so many wonderful gifts but her favorite was her baby doll. She does everything with that thing! Feeds her, changes her diaper, puts her in the car. It's the cutest thing ever.

She started Preschool in June. We had a few rough days in the beginning but now she is so excited to get there and play with her friends and is absolutely in love with her teacher. I couldn't be happier!

Big News!

I'm pregnant! With a boy! We did another round of IVF in April and here I am 25 weeks into the pregnancy. It's been a tough go physically and mentally but he is doing great, I'm getting regular doctor visits to keep on top of everything and make sure nothing strange is going on. In 7 weeks (right around the time of Savannah's birth and the loss of her sister) the doc is going to start seeing me twice a week. I am very relieved that he is taking my situation seriously and doesn't make me feel weird for wanting extra visits or any silly concerns. I love my doctor!

Little boy is due December 19th and I have a c-section scheduled for that date because my doctor doesn't want me going overdue at all. I am, however, hoping for a VBAC which he is okay with as long as nothing comes up that requires emergency c-section or that I don't go overdue because he also won't induce me since I had a c-section previously.

My hopes are the I go into labor somewhere between December 1 and December 14 so that I can have a VBAC, be fully healed and do a Christmas photoshoot with the little guy before Christmas! But, I will take him when I get him, however he decides to arrive as long as he's alive and healthy (and me too!).

It did take several months for me to bond during this pregnancy. I think it was due to nerves...but I am hooked now! I cannot wait to meet him and see how Savannah is with him.

I am going to put a reminder in my phone to do more updates here because 14 months is just too long!

♥ Sausha


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