18 Weeks

Wow, I have become really bad at blogging!

I had my anatomy scan on Wednesday and the girls look great! All body parts and organs are in their correct places and appear to be functioning just as they should be. It was really cool to be able to see all the organs doing their thing! There was a big screen TV where we got to watch the ultrasound being done and it was like we were spending some time with the babies! They were moving all around and have gotten quite big. They are about 10oz each!

I would occasionally ask a question about what I was seeing or make a comment and the ultrasound tech told me I had a really good eye for it. Score!

One thing that came up was the Baby B's cord is attached near the edge of her placenta and I guess that can result in slower growth and less blood flow, but for now she looks totally fine and it isn't really a problem. They just want to monitor her, even though there isn't anything that can be done anyway. I have faith she'll be just fine!

Oh! My cervix length increased! My last visit was at 3.7cm and it's now 4.65. These babies aren't going anywhere anytime soon! :)

I found some really cool twin life hacks or whatever you want to call them! I guess they aren't life hacks because someone actually makes and sells these products but I think they are brilliant! Check these things out:

I just think those 2 things are the smartest inventions! check out their website for more fun things!

This Thursday I fly to Utah for a small family baby shower. I am very excited to see my family, and I wish that I was just a little further along so I had a bigger belly for them to love on but it's safer to fly earlier in the pregnancy and that obviously trumps everything else! 

This weekend was SOOOO productive for my hubby and I. We have nearly finished the girls' nursery and I can't stand how cute it is! It's definitely my favorite room in the house and I go in there just to hang out at least once a day. I want to post pictures so badly but I am going to wait until my next post in hopes that the finishing touches are done by then! But, I will show you this one picture because it's too cute. 

Little Willow hanging out in the crib! She loves it in there. 

I will end this post with a picture of my ever growing belly! :)

- Sausha


  1. awww glad everything is going great! yay! can't wait to see the girls' room!

  2. Ahhhh! I love this! I check your blog regularly and it's always a delight to see updates! That crib picture killed me! I'm so happy foryou! I can't wait till you're next blog ;)


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