New Doc!

We finally found our new doctor! This place was a MUCH better experience than the last place we went. I feel so much less stressed out now that we have a doctor whom I am comfortable with. I didn't even realize I was stressed about it! The place was SO clean and they had cups with lids and a little cubby to leave it in the bathroom so I didn't have to traipse around with a cup of pee! And the nurses were incredibly nice. One had never seen twins so she asked if she could stay for the ultrasound so she could see them, haha! She was totally adorable!

The girls are still doing great, the are growing and truly look like babies now with long legs and their bodies are starting to catch up to their giant heads now! I love seeing them wiggle around on the ultrasounds :D  It seems like I can only manage to get one good shot of one baby each time we go. They never hold still for a double shot and I can almost never get a clear shot of both of them separately  either! Here they are:

This sweet little girl gave us a good profile shot!
This crazy lady is front and center facing us! Look at her long legs!

My belly has finally popped. My hubby and my mom say it's been noticeable for a while but I still think I just look fat. Hahaha! But non of my regular clothes fit any longer, except for some stretch dresses or overly large shirts.

As you can see I was already packing some junk in the trunk but
there's a definite rounding of my belly! Oh, and that's Rue saying
hello to the world wide web. :)

I have also started going into the office twice a week now. It's always nice to get out of the house for a few hours but I do like working from home, it's just much easier to eat and rest when needed. When I'm at work I tend to forget I'm pregnant and walk too fast and yesterday I noticed I almost hit my belly a few times on things while walking around (I guess it really is growing!)

How far along? 14w5d

Maternity clothes? Yep! I suppose I don't HAVE to be but they are the most comfortable!!

Stretch marks? No new ones.

Sleep? Horrible! This week has been just awful for sleep, I wake up several times and cannot fall back to sleep to save my life. So I'm usually up for some time in the night and then sleep from early morning until about 10am. 

Best moments of the week? We picked their first names and are still deciding on their middle names! Oh and I found this App called Blinkbuggy (not currently available on Android I hear). It's a cool, free app that let's you kind of journal about your pregnancy and whenever you decide you can print it all out in a book (for a fee). I think it's brilliant! check it out. Finding playlists on Spotify for the "top 100 of ..." for all kinds of decades. Haha, I love it. 

Miss anything? Being able to eat anything. Not like I don't like the restrictions during pregnancy but I still have a hard time eating food willingly. Sleeping well! I miss seeing my little girls. Only 10 days until my next appointment!

Movement? I want to say yes. I have some little jiggles going on and it's so hard for me to describe what it feels like. It's just a different feeling and it's infrequent and barely noticeable. So I might be crazy. But I can't wait until I KNOW they are moving!

Food cravings? No. I hate food. 

Genders? Two sweet little girls!! 

Labor signs? No way!

Symptoms? Lack of appetite, or starving, feeling like I need tons and tons of water, headaches, stiff neck, nausea, occasional vomiting, difficulty sleeping, round ligament pain, mood swings, peeing a lot still, boob changes, belly popping out, fatigue, shortness of breath when doing simple tasks, my sense of smell is intense. I think that's all! Lol

Belly button: in or out? Way in.

Wedding rings: on or off? They still fit but are pretty snug so I don't wear them very often. 

Happy or moody most of the time? I would say happy most of the time.

Looking forward to? My family baby shower in Utah! We are going that over Memorial weekend! And looking forward to my shower here in LA in July! I'm also super excited to have the nursery done though it's taking FOREVER! We have our "big" ultrasound in May and I'm pretty excited about that too. It's 1.5 hours just for the ultrasound! I hope everything goes perfectly :)


  1. Yay! The girls look great and so do you! Glad everything is going well, so exciting!


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