An Official Graduate

We managed to convince my doctor to see us one last time before he sent us off to an OB, so we had our final appointment with him last Thursday. Everything is still looking great, the girls are super healthy and measuring big! One of them is measuring nearly a week ahead and the other is only 2 days behind her sister. I am quite pleased :)

I am going to miss Dr. Kumar and all his staff so much but I am happy to have graduated, that means good things! Dr. K made us promise to stay in touch and to bring the babies in before they turn 6 months so he can meet them. While we were in the waiting room for our appointment, 3 people graduated! My fertility office is the BOMB!!!

Tomorrow I'm 11 weeks and I think I will begin the week by filling out one of those pregnancy surveys! Stay tuned...  :D

- Sausha


  1. Yay! It's so bittersweet to "graduate". I told my hubby the other day that i wished we could stay with our doctors for the whole pregnancy... but now onto bigger and better things! Yay!


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