9 Weeks Today!

Today I am 9 weeks and couldn't be happier. I am doing great and even on not-so-good days I am just so happy to be pregnant and that these babies are continuing to grow!


Tiredness has finally kicked in. I'm not exhausted all of the time but if I go out even for just an hour or two, I am ready for a nap by the time I get back home.

Queasiness - I was doing soooooo good, only occasionally feeling gross, never puking and usually eating something would handle it immediately. The last 3 days my stomach has been a mess, I puked once, with such force that I also peed my pants. Sooooo attractive. Luckily I was at home. Alone. I start to get really queasy if I talk about food, like discussing what I want to eat or not eat will just make my stomach pinch up. Hopefully I will continue with the one vomit record!

Food Aversions - This has been in full force pretty much since the beginning. Mexican food seems to sit the best with me. I hate chicken. Dairy is the best thing ever. I can pretty much only eat yogurt and granola or waffles and cottage cheese for breakfast. The hardest thing has been eating dinner. For some reason, maybe the time of day, I just hate eating dinner. Almost nothing sounds or tastes good and I can only eat a few bites. I am also having a difficult time getting vegetables down. I hate them all! I do my best to start with the veggies and then eat the rest of the meal and I have a veggie juice (think V8) that I drink to help.

Hunger - This goes back and forth. Some days I am starving every moment and others, I feel like I could eat twice and be fine. But, when I start to get hungry, I'm instantly starving!

Sense of Smell - This seems to have kicked in fairly recently (though my mother will argue that it was one of  my first symptoms). In fact, the smell of the trash can is what actually prompted my first and only vomit session.

Sore Boobs - Luckily, this has been one of the least symptoms for me. I hear it can be agony but I only have sometimes-tender nipples. My boobs are getting bigger already though....yikes.

Peeing - I pee like it's my job. At least twice an hour, I swear. It's the least obnoxious of my symptoms though!

I have had a few headaches the last 3-4 days and my cramping is very minimal, if at all these days. Thank God!

Doctor Update:

Our appointment last week was awesome. Both girls are doing extremely well with a heart rate of 180bpm and they are both big! I was 8w1d and one girl measured 8w5d and the other 8w3d!

Our next appointment this week will be our last with Dr. Kumar. We are officially graduating the Fertility Clinic. It's a bittersweet milestone. I truly wish Dr. K could deliver my babies, I feel very comfortable with him and he knows us so well. Not to mention I have no idea where to go from here! What hospital has the best NICU? What doctor will let me try to deliver vaginally and not default to a c-section? Will I have my own recovery room? Can my husband stay the night? Ahhhh!! So many scary decisions to make. We do have a tour for a hospital near us on Thursday...

I met a woman at Ikea yesterday who had identical twins and she recommended a doctor for me and even gave us a number for her daughters' acting agency. She said people go crazy for twins and she has been able to pay for so much (Daycare, Preschool, etc) with the work they get.  She was super nice and I wanted to be friends.

I will update again soon, but for now, feast your eyes on these girls!

My sweet girls. Can't wait to see them again!

- Sausha


  1. Yay! Glad everything is going well and your symptoms haven't been too bad!

  2. Your diet cracks me up! Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see those beautiful ladies develop :) Enjoy it all, looking back, even with all the diet restrictions I had, I loved it. The journey only gets better. Congratulations all the way!


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