Ultrasound And Other Updates

It's been awhile since I wrote a post. Let me catch you up! I won't make you read everything to know that the ultrasound is good news! Now for story time...

First, the two weeks I waited for my ultrasound was the slowest two weeks of my life. It literally feels like it must have been at least a month! I started to get nauseous when I would get hungry, but nothing too bad. Then, a few days in it started getting worse (still nothing compared to some women!) I had to make sure to eat some crackers before getting out of bed and I also had apple juice packs by my bed to have in the morning as well. Doing this seemed to help a lot.

On a Wednesday night I went for a very short walk with my husband and started getting cramps, I thought I might just have to go to the bathroom so I went to do that and the cramping felt worse. More like a burning and I had some brown spotting. It was hardly any blood, but of course I got totally freaked out. I was dizzy and pale and had a good amount of sweat on my brow. I thought for sure I must be miscarrying again. I had some sharp cramps throughout the night but no more bleeding and I felt okay the next day. I pretty much laid on the couch for the next 3 days to make sure I was doing everything I could to keep the baby there! A week passed and everything seemed normal, still queasy, still peeing a lot and no more bleeding.

About a week later I went out to lunch with a friend who was in town from Italy and about an hour into the meeting I started getting some sharp cramps. These felt totally different and I really thought something was wrong so I told my hubby we had to leave. It was about a 30 minute drive home, at which point I ran to the bathroom and there was bright pink blood. And a little stringy tissue looking thing. I really started freaking out, this was it for sure. But it was never a flow, it was just there when I wiped and only lasted maybe half an hour. I decided not to go into the doctor's office since  my ultrasound was only a few days away and even if there was something wrong, they wouldn't be able to do anything for me.

The next few days went by without any bleeding and everything seemed normal but I was still very, very nervous for my ultrasound.

I had my ultrasound yesterday. I had been announcing that it was on Friday so that I could surprise my mom since there is so little opportunity to do this when going through IVF! See the video at the end for her reaction :)

My sweet little blobs <3
The littler one is just in an awkward
position and we couldn't get a very good view of it.
Doc said nothing to worry about. 

We ended up taping the pictures onto each onesie.

Hubby trying to get the pictures to hang the right direction!

So...in case it wasn't clear enough, WE'RE HAVING TWINS!!!! One baby's heartbeat was 124bpm and the other is 120bpm, both nice and strong! Next appointment is on the 4th of March!

- Sausha


  1. Awwww how cute!!! I got teary eyed! Congrats you guys xoxoxox <3

  2. awwww i love it.... so cute! how do you know the genders already? so exciting! love your mom's reaction!

    1. Yes, we are very excited over here! We had PGD testing done on the embryos last year so we knew which genders we were transferring! :D

  3. Congrats! What wonderful news. Love your sweet mama's reaction.

  4. This is amazing news. Congrats and welcome to the twin club!


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