Cautiously Enthusiastic

On Friday I decided to test at home but didn't have any tests at home and was going to have my hubby grab some on his way home from work, but I decided to tear apart my bathroom cupboards AGAIN, and BAM!! A test magically appeared right in the front of the cabinet!!!! Seriously, I had looked through everything like 3 times and now one peaks out from behind my hairspray bottle...

I look over the package and see that the expiration date is January 2014, I decide to use it anyway, after all it was the last day in January so it was still good...right? With my heart pumping I do the pee on a stick dance and wait about two minutes. No second line. In the trash goes the test, along with my optimism. I was definitely bummed (obviously) but I kept telling myself it was because the test expired so it wasn't working properly.  So I hopped on Google to see what people are saying about expired tests and I find that really, mine should have been good still. Next, I go to the website where I bought the tests and after reading a bit I see that it says that you will see results in 5 minutes!! 5!!! Well, I only waited maybe 2 minutes....back to the trash I go! I dig out the test strip and there's a second line!! I am pregnant!!!! Then I got a new test that night and it also came out positive!!

Today was my blood test and the doc's office, which also came back positive.

BETA #1 - 467

BETA #2 will be done on Wednesday!

So I remain cautiously optimistic that this pregnancy will stick! I'm not really going to announce to my extended family and friends until March or April, just to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Symptoms I've had the last 10 days:

Peeing a TON! I didn't really think that that was supposed to start until later in the pregnancy but it's definitely happening! I get up a minimum of 3 times a night.

Slightly upset stomach when I get hungry and when I go to bed. Again, I thought that was a few weeks later in the pregnancy.

Hungry every 3-4 hours.

Been getting tired early in the evening, like around 7pm.

I tried eating applesauce a few days ago and it tasted so SOUR to me but my mom assured me it tasted normal...

Didn't get my period (DUH!)

I didn't have much cramping this time until maybe 3 or 4 days ago, they have been pretty mild for the most part with a few sharp pains here and there. Oh, if I try to hold my pee in at all past the point of realizing I need to go, I get pretty bad cramps.

I've been gassy (super attractive!)

My temp was elevated the one time I tested it. 99.4

I fluctuate from being cold to sweating from heat constantly.

Just some fun things I thought I'd share!

Oh, and this time around I didn't get Implantation Bleeding.

- Sausha


  1. YAY YAY YAY! I'm so excited for you! CONGRATS!!!! :)

  2. awwww! yay how exciting :) can't wait for your first ultrasound. when is your ultrasound? OMG! congrats to your and the hubs...

  3. OMG! Yay! Sooooo happy for you!! Congrats!


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