Beta #2

Beta #2.....drumroll please.....1240! It more than doubled! My nurse says I'm an over-achiever, haha! All the nurses and my doctor are betting it's twins! Our first ultrasound is on the 21st of February, it feels soooo very far away!

- Sausha


  1. yay! so excited for your ultrasound :)

  2. Wow! So awesome! Twins would be so exciting!

    1. Yes! It would be so exciting! When is your transfer? It's coming up soon, right?

    2. I think it should be in the next couple of weeks, i think i'll get a solid date when i go for my appt next monday! the FET cycle seems like it takes forever!

    3. Tell me about it! The waiting game is ridiculous! These 2 weeks waiting for the ultrasound are the most painful for me! I just want to see my baby(ies)!! :)


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