A Quick Update

Hi there! Just wanted to check in quickly.

Things seem to still be going good with the babe(s), our ultrasound is now only 11 days away, I can hardly wait.

I haven't had a whole lot of symptoms, but here are the few that have occurred:

Still some light cramping here and there. But I have been taking these Chinese pills that my sister recommended (Bao Chan Wu You Fang), right after I started taking them I noticed that the cramping seriously eased up. I wasn't even having bad cramps, occasionally one would be pretty painful, but they were few and far between. Now, I have almost no cramps nearly 100% of the time. Also, I seem to have a lot more energy than last pregnancy. I definitely get tired if I walk around for an extended time and I'm usually ready for bed around 8pm, but I'm not exhausted and I haven't had to take a nap but once this time.

Still hungry about every 4 hours.

I am usually a little bit nauseous in the morning, and when I get hungry. I haven't puked yet though!

Still gassy.

I read on one of my boards that a girl POAS everyday to make sure the line gets darker and stays dark. I thought that was an interesting idea so I did that this morning and my line is definitely darker than last week's and it showed up immediately. It's now darker than the "not pregnant" line (if only one line was there...)

I'm definitely starting to get more excited and less nervous and I'm dying to tell everybody I know that I am pregnant but we are still going to wait until mid-March. Though, maybe I will tell some family before then!

- Sausha


  1. aw, so excited for you! the symptoms don't seem too bad so that's good. do you find out if there's more than one at the ultrasound?

    1. Yes, we should find out if there are two at the ultrasound! I am so antsy!

  2. I was hungry every four hours with my twins! You may very well have two!


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