My Trip & Other Updates

Well, I am back from visiting my family! My baby nephew is SOOOO cute and so sweet. It was so wonderful to meet him and see my sister as a mother. She's great at it, I'm so proud!

Several times that little guy made me tear up just by smiling at me. Good lord, he's amazing!

Some recent photos:

My new haircut and color. It was fried after dying it
 for my Ariel costume. 

My sweet nephew, enjoying his nap in my arms!

Me and nephew, trying to get a good photo together.

My sisters lives in this great new neighborhood that is just absolutely the cutest place ever. The houses are GORGEOUS and different, A.K.A not cookie-cutter style. They have a LAKE and tons of open fields, community gardens, pools, parks, etc. And the best part? The people are friendly. It's so sad how in LA it becomes this incredible thing when a neighbor actually talks to you. Anyway, it's completely amazing and I would do a whole lot to be able to live there. It's a constant struggle for me to decide whether I want to move there and raise my family away from my mother (she will not move) and brother or stay in LA, where I don't really picture myself spending all my days. Plus, it's crazy expensive and hot ALL THE TIME! Someday, I will make a decision. I swear.  

My sister's neighborhood.

Hubby and I took a walk after it snowed. This is the view as we
approach the frozen lake. If you look closely you can see the geese hanging out. 
My love snapping some photos
On the way back from the walk we found this little guy in the snow. He was so cold and not moving but I kept him in my hand and he started moving! I did some research and found out where the like to live in the winter and we placed him there. :D

This clearly makes me melt.
We need a baby of our own just so I can see my hubby like this.
Hubs with my Gram.
Onto the next transfer. I had my final checkup before the big day! My hormone levels were perfect and we are all set to start the Progesterone shots on Sunday. My uterus is nice and fluffy, awaiting those beautiful babies!! I cannot wait and have a really good feeling about this cycle! 

- Sausha


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