Getting Closer

Had another doc appointment yesterday to check my lining and hormone levels, everything looks as good as ever!

So, only 17 days until the transfer!  After postponing my trip twice I finally get to meet my nephew for the first time this weekend! I am so, so, so excited :D

In other news, I hopped on the New Year bandwagon and am hoping to get in better shape this year, yes, even while pregnant! haha! I tipped the scales at my highest weight ever after this holiday season and it's just unacceptable. I checked with my doc to ensure it's okay to switch up my diet and do mild exercising while pregnant and he said it was perfectly fine and would even be a good thing. So, I am currently on day 7 of no refined sugars and day 7 of being active for at least an hour a day (well, yesterday was only 20 minutes actually) which, sadly, is a significant increase from my usual lifestyle. I am feeling good. My energy levels seem to be evening out, not very many ups and downs.

The scariest thing though, I started having chest/upper abdomen oddities. I don't want to say pains because it wasn't really painful, just uncomfortable and alarming. I left it alone for 3 days and then went to Urgent Care to get checked out and they pretty much just listened to my heart and pushed on certain areas and said there weren't any signs of a heart attack or blood clots or anything. She said it's probably acid reflux from having changed my diet! Such crazy stuff!


- Sausha


  1. Happy New Year darlin'! Good luck with your upcoming transfer. Hope it's your cycle.

    1. Thank you!!! And the very best of luck to you!!


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