Moving On!!

AF arrived!! Yay! 

I started on Sunday and had my ultrasound appointment today. All was good, no cysts, the doc said my lining was thinning beautifully and my estrogen level was nice and low at 36. So, today I begin my Estrace pills and the transfer is scheduled for January 24th! I cannot wait!!!!!

This made me giggle! Hahaha!

- Sausha


  1. Yay! So you're doing an FET this time? Your doc put you on oral estrogen?

    1. Hi Shay! Yes, I will be doing an FET, I actually had to do an FET the first time around as well because some hormone level was too high after my retrieval. Yep, estrogen pills three times daily! I start progesterone shots on the 19th :/


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