Ugh, I don't even know how to start this post. I am not pregnant anymore.

We had an appointment yesterday to follow up since the last visit we didn't see a heartbeat (doc thought maybe it was still too early) and again, there was no heartbeat. It did have one at 5wks4days, so it's been over a week since the beat hasn't been there. Doc gave us 3 options, let it come out naturally, use a pill that you insert that causes massive cramping and will push it out, or a D & C.

We are still waiting for it to come out naturally, Dr. K said if it doesn't happen in 2 weeks we will have to do another option, I realized later that since there hasn't been a heartbeat in a week, does that count as one week already? I just want it out, but I would really like it to just happen on it's own.

I am very thankful to still have 11 frozen embryos.

Sorry for the grim post,



  1. Oh nooooooo.... I am SO sorry to hear this... that totally sucks... :(

    Praying for you... xoxo!


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