Beta Tests


  • First beta: 420

  • Second beta (4 days later): over 2000, I didn't get an exact number. 

So this is good news! I am definitely officially pregnant and I go to the doctor on the 11th for the first ultrasound!! My doctor was kind enough to move it up a few days as I will be out of town when I hit the 6 1/2 week mark. :)

  • I haven't really been nauseous, only a little bit if I let myself get hungry. 

  • I have been suuuuper tired and having a really hard time sleeping at night. I toss and turn. I hope that goes away soon, I am pretty much a zombie all day. 

  • I have had period-like cramps off an on since the transfer, nothing really painful though, just minor grumblings. 

And there you have it! I will update again soon :)

- Sausha


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