Transfer Day

Hey everybody! It's been a few days since we did our transfer and I am feeling pretty good! Here is how it went down.

I woke up at 7am feeling quite rested. Funnily enough, I had been able to sleep solidly the last few nights, even though I was getting super excited! I hopped in the shower, washed with all unscented products since smells can damage the embryos and slipped into some comfy clothes.

We left the house around 8am for our 10am appointment. We live an hour away from the doctor and had to be there 45 minutes early to get prepped.

Once we arrived they told me to empty my bladder and then drink some water. They don't want you to have an overly full bladder but they do need some fluid in there, this is to help visualize the uterus using an abdominal ultrasound

Our nurse arrived and gave us the lowdown on the procedure and had me sign a consent form. She then said the embryologist will come in to discuss our embryos and to take a Valium after we had spoken with her. I was not happy about having to take Valium as it is a strong drug and I have mostly stayed away from drugs my whole life, with the exception of Tylenol and antibiotics. I found out that Valium helps the uterus to relax so it doesn't contract during the procedure so I felt a bit better about taking it. Anything to help these babies stay for the long haul! We waited for a bit, being extremely excited! My husband was just adorable. Here is our "before everything" photo.

So much love and excitement!!
Next up was the embryologist. She was awesome. She told us we had Grade A 5-day Blasts and confirmed that we were inserting 2 blasts, verified the sexes that we wanted and had me sign another consent form acknowledging that I may have a multiple pregnancy.She handed us a picture of our embryos and then she was off!
My babies!!!!!!
Finally, Dr. K. came in. I was laying on the bed with my legs in the stirrups, baring all (oh, the joy!). He tells me that they are going to do a mock transfer to make sure they have the right size catheter and that everything will go smoothly once he has the embryos. Good thing too, cause they had to change the catheter size!

To me, it felt like an exaggerated pap-smear. Or really bad poop cramps! They had to open it up down there and swab around and then he inserted the catheter and moved it to the right area (the nurse is doing an abdominal ultrasound so he can see what he is doing). I couldn't look at the screen at this point because it was hurting and I wanted to keep my mind off things, so I talked to my husband about movies.  After about 3 minutes Dr. K. said it was time for the real thing! The embryologist passed him the "loaded" catheter (with the little embies), he inserted it and showed us where it was on the screen. He said we would see a flash of light and that would be the embryos being transferred! One, two, three! There they were! Dig in babies, dig in! :D

I had to lay there for about 20 minutes, letting things chill out. When I got up, they put me in the wheelchair to bring me to the car. Our nurse is the nicest person. She was the one who was with my husband during his procedure she really remembered us and made us feel really comfortable.

The drive home was really fun! My hubby and I were feeling so elated about this transfer. This is the closest we have ever been to being pregnant!!! I really think this is going to work :D

Over the next few days I lay around a lot, giving the babies a chance to nestle in. I can't really say I feel any different. I have had a tiny bit of cramping off and on but nothing major. No spotting. I did have a headache the second day which my mother, the research queen, said she read that that is a good sign! hahaha! All I can do now is wait! We have our blood test on the 30th of this month. Only 7 days away now!

My husband went a little nuts with the picture are a few for your enjoyment :)

Some of the tools they use.

My super comfy bed and booties!

It's really happening!

Hubby with his babies! <3

That tiny white spot in the middle is
where they are settling in.

The lucky stuffed sperm!

- Sausha


  1. Wow, they tell you the sexes of the blasts? They don't do testing on ours, so its going to be a surprise! We transferred 2 too, so maybe HOPEFULLY we'll have twins together!!

  2. Hi Shay!

    Yes, because we did the genetic testing they were also able to tell the sexes. We are very excited! Things seem to be going very well so far.

    It would be SO fun to have twins together! When do you test?


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