Small Updates

Update #1. It appears I have become allergic to the Progesterone oil I have been taking. I noticed late in the day yesterday that my previous night's injection site was itchy. I took off the bandaid and there was a small bump. It looked like a pimple. Then when we did last night's shot on the other hip, I got a rash and it was itchy and kind of firm. I asked the Doc about it today and he said that it may be the oil that I am allergic to since they mix the progesterone with different oils. They have sesame oil, peanut oil, etc. If mine is peanut oil, that would make sense. I have a minor peanut allergy, I just get big pimples, more like welts!

After my injection last night.
Update #2. Last night I had some light spotting. I freaked the shit out at first. I yelled for my mom to come look and asked if it was normal and then rushed to Google. I couldn't stop crying :((( I discovered it may be implantation bleeding, which made me feel better. I had of course heard of implantation bleeding before but I thought that it would be a day or so after the transfer since the embryos are supposed to implant within 24 hours. Again, I asked my doctor about it today and he said that it's usually a good sign and that they use the term "implantation bleeding" loosely. It's really any bleeding in the first month or so. Your body is going through a lot of changes an some slight bleeding isn't uncommon. Whew! I hope that's my babies digging in!! It was just a little bit of pink when I wiped and that was it. Haven't had anything since.

Update #3. I have been having some very strange dreams recently! Last night's dream was about a friend that got pregnant and was being accused of having an affair with Obama! Hahahaha! She wasn't denying it either. So. Weird.

I am dying for Friday to arrive! Only 4 days to go :)

- Sausha


  1. I've been having weird dreams too, one had a baby in it! Maybe that's a good sign for us!

    1. Yes! I hear that strange dreams come with pregnancy. I sure hope so! I had one dream that I had twins, first dream where I actually HAD babies! :D I am so excited for you!


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