My 234,254,301st Doctor Visit

I have a second home! I have been to this doctor's office so many times I could drive there with my eyes closed. I won't though, don't worry! :)

Yesterday marked the 2 weeks until our transfer! Time has been dragging by, it's so torturous.

I have been taking estrogen hormones for about a week now so I went in for a check up to make sure everything still looks okay. Dr. K said my lining looks perfect! Yay!

I was curious as to how our progress compares to other people, I asked the nurse what the average egg retrieval produced and she said we were above average, they usually see around 18 or so. She then said "what is exceptional though is how many fertilized! And what is really exceptional is how many froze." I couldn't have been more thrilled to hear that! But then she kept going on...what she meant by how many froze was really how many were healthy. She was quite impressed that with the genetic testing they discovered that all (that they tested) of my embryos were "normal", meaning no genetic diseases! I was even more thrilled!

The nurse told me a story about a woman who produced 18 eggs, 8 fertilized and only 1 was tested as normal. I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful turnout of my procedure.

I found this link that gives more info on the genetic testing. I am very excited about all of this! 

Next appointment is on the 15th. :)

- Sausha


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