Last Doctor Appointment!

Yesterday was my last appointment before the transfer! Yay! Everything went smoothly, my estrogen levels are normal and my lining is 9.6mm, the doc said anything above 9 is perfect!

We had our date moved up, the transfer is now going to be Tuesday around noon! We are so excited. I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight :/

I started Progesterone last night. I have to take it nightly, with a shot to my hip. It's the biggest needle ever!!!

This shot is a bit more specific than the shots to the tummy. You have to pull the skin taught and once the needle is in, you need to draw back on the syringe to make sure that you didn't poke a blood vessel. Scary stuff! But, I made it through.  The nurse drew circles on my hips to make sure my hubby got it in the right spot. 

We have decided to go on a min "baby-moon" this weekend. Just a last final hurrah before getting pregnant. Tonight we will stay in Anaheim and then go to Disneyland on Saturday! Here comes the fun :)

- Sausha


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